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Well this ish is bananas...B-A-N-A-N-A-S... (and an upper-body mini-band workout)

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Obviously we are navigating through uncharted waters here, not just as a fitness community, but as a nation and a global community. It is mind blowing that almost every place that we are used to visiting in daily life is shut down, and to be honest, almost impossible to accept as reality. I feel like I am living in a surreal alternate universe.

For many of us who rely on the gym as our bastion of physical and mental health, it is going to be really difficult to manage our stress levels, patience and quite frankly, all emotions, without that outlet and escape. Add to that the stress of being “self-quarantined” with children, partners, roommates, family members, or even in isolation... we need to find ways to keep our bodies moving, endorphins flowing, immune systems cranking and stress hormones exiting.

To help myself, and you with that, I will be posting home and/or workouts frequently here on this Blog. I would also ask that you join the Forum community on this site so that we may create a community of support where we can exchange workout ideas, food and nutrition suggestions, personal challenges and victories, motivation, and of course, laughter.

There is another side to this crisis, and we can come out stronger than ever before, together ✊🏼

Get Strong. Stay Healthy.

XOXO Sari 💛🦁

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