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Coach Sari's Local Holiday Gift Guide For the Strong Women in Your Life

There are very few people who have mastered the art of great gift-giving. My ex-husband was not one of them. He once filled my stocking with Carr's Water Crackers. And he wrapped them.

The next year I got a collection of dusters that could fit in small spaces. (Insert joke here. Pun intended).

Most of you can do better than that, but let's face it, we are all guilty of that last minute gift grab now and then, which more often than not features the generic big-box-store gift card swiped off of the endcap display at Stop & Shop and stuffed in an envelope.

But there are most certainly women in your life who deserve so much more than a candle that smells more like a freshly detailed rental car than a balsam fir.

There are women in your life who say things like, I wish I could get in shape, but I can't afford it.
There are women in your life who won't make space on their calendar or in their budget for wellness services that will enhance the quality of their lives because it takes away from time and money spent on others.
There are women in your life who will put that cute workout tank in their online cart but never press the purchase button because their kids need new shoes.

Here's your chance to help these women out-- whether it be your sister, grandmother, cousin, BFF, auntie, partner, or yo' momma-- give them gifts that support their peace, empowerment, and health and support small, *mostly* local & female-owned business at the same time.

Without further ado, check out these five gift ideas for those strong, deserving women on your holiday shopping list.

Note: This is not a paid advertisement and I do not receive any products or services from any of these businesses, except of course, my own. While I train clients at BearFit Athletics, I am an independent, fully insured CPT & Nutrition Coach, and am not employed by BA. These are small businesses, run by solid, salt-of-the-earth peeps, who I think you should support, ya heard?

For The Woman Who Likes To Kick Ass & Shake Her Ass

Does the word Jazzercise conjure up visions of leg-warmers and unitards? Well let me tell you, Jazzercise has evolved past its inception in the late '60s, when to be fair, it was quite groundbreaking in bringing female-centered fitness to the franchise market. Today Jazzercise provides varied high energy dance cardio workouts that also incorporate strength training and HIIT in an intimate boutique setting without the snobbery and elitism of so many other franchises that cater to women.

Jazzercise Newton is a woman- and Queer-owned fitness studio that offers group fitness classes for all ability levels. Now through November 28th they are offering 10 classes for $99 -- that's 10 times that the woman on your list will get to escape to dance, sweat, and smile her way to her fitness goals. And if she still can't escape, Jazzercise Newton offers streaming of most classes so she does not ever have to miss a beat.

For The Woman Who Needs Some TLC

Is there a woman in your life who suffers from chronic pain, anxiety, or sleep issues that impact her ability to be as present and active as she would like to be? Someone who could use relaxation and relief that has benefits lasting beyond a couple hours at the spa, so she can get back to moving and grooving in the gym?

FIT Into Your Life is a woman-owned Health Coaching service run by Janet Camuso, a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapist (IET), and Reflexologist with a deep understanding of pain. Having dealt with fibromyalgia for many years, she has a gift of healing that is life-changing. Her goal is to customize a combination of therapies that let her clients breathe easy and regain control of their own health. You can purchase gift sessions at very reasonable rates, and Janet will even travel to the client so that your loved one has no excuse but to FIT some TLC into her life.

To purchase email Janet at:

For The Woman Over 35 Who Is Stronger Than You Are

Old Lady Gains was created by Kim Munoz in 2017 when she was entering a CrossFit competition in the Female Masters Division and couldn't find any apparel geared

towards female athletes over 35.

Recognizing that women of middle age in the strength training space are relegated to frumpiness at best and total invisibility at worst, she said "F*ck this" and created her own line of "apparel for badass women midlife and beyond."

OLG's hoodies, tanks, tees, and hats are uniquely designed, made from quality fabrics, and embody a wry, inspired aesthetic that I adore ...and every single one of them is on my list to Santa (size medium, please). They offer different silhouettes to complement all kids of strong bodies and are made for women who don't apologize for having muscles.

OLG's mission is to empower women over 35 years old to "not let age be an excuse for anything".

And to that I say, an emphatic, hell yes.

To purchase visit:

For The Woman Who Wants To Work Out In Peace At Any Hour

Do you know what prevents a lot of women my age from going to they gym? They can't find the time to get there, and when they do, it is either closed or crowded with gym bros mansplaining how the leg press works. Notice how in a commercial gym most of the women are on the cardio machines? It's because they are trying to avoid the men who are hooked on anabolics instead of phonics.

When you purchase a 24-Hour membership at BearFit Athletics, a private training facility, you are essentially purchasing a happy place for a woman who wants to work out at any time of the day or night, unbothered, so she can focus on lifting heavy shit.

BearFit is the only non-female-owned business on my list but here's why I made an exception: it's where I train clients (duh) and it is a small business owned by my friend, Coach Justin Berry, who specializes in training female athletes. He is one of the only coaches I know who trains women with the same intensity, integrity, and focus on strength and power, as he does male athletes. Women at BearFit are breaking PRs daily on his watch and it is an inspiring place to be.

For The Woman Who Wants To Get Strong and Stay Strong In Midlife & Beyond

I mean, you had to know this was coming. You should be buying every woman in your life sessions with me.

If she already knows her way around the gym, online programs or custom splits are the perfect stocking stuffer. If she is new to strength training, or just generally wants to make real changes, consistent progress, and maintain that progress over the long term, In-Person or Hybrid Training Bundles are the way to go. Is it expensive? No. Not when you consider the value that feeling healthy, strong, and happy in one's body brings to a woman's life and all of her relationships. You cannot put a price on health and self-worth... but I had to and you can find that on my website (*smirks*):

So there you have it. Let me tell you with 100% certainty that no woman over age nineteen wants cubic zirconia shaped like a heart, but we do want things that ease or strengthen our hearts, and things that we would feel too guilty to buy for ourselves (some kind of biological defect).

So this year please, support women in business, women in health, and women in happiness by purchasing gifts for great women, from great women (and one cool dude)...

...because we need strong women more than ever.

Happy Holidays & Cheers To You & Yours,



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