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Get Strong


I'm here to let you know that it is never too late to get strong! 


I know what it's like to be a working mother, trying desperately to balance everyone else's needs, and feeling trapped in a body that doesn't reflect your true strength & potential. In 2014 I made a commitment to my own health and, since then, I have not simply maintained a body that I feel at home in, but have continued to crush goals and grow in strength physically and mentally.


I am a solo parent of two middle-schoolers, in my mid-40s, doing it all on my own --  holding down multiple careers and still making time to strength train consistently. The key to this is having a plan that makes sense, grows with you progressively, and is already there (either in-person training with me, or delivered to your phone) when you are dead tired and looking for excuses


My plans are designed for every level of fitness, women and men, and people of all ages, although experience & education (M.Ed., NASM CPT, NASM Nutrition Coach, NESTA Kettlebell Certified) give me a special understanding of the unique needs of female athletes (especially those 40+)


The most important part of a fitness plan is that you love it enough to be consistent. Strength training relies on basic movements; Squat, Press, Hinge, Thrust & Carry, which can be performed in limitless variations to make every workout fun and challenging.  When you start seeing the results, you will fall in love with the process, and with your newly found strength. 

If you've come this far in your quest for change, you are ready to make a decision. You are ready. It is harder to stay where you are at, in discomfort, than to take the leap and try something new.



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Personalized Sustainable Fitness 

Before we set foot in the gym, I will consult with you to create a plan that is tailored to your specific goals? Are you trying to reduce body fat? Increase muscle mass? Improve cardiovascular health? Perform better in your sport? Get stronger and lift heavier? Whatever your goals may be, I can create a plan and provide the guidance to achieve your goals and set new ones.

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Strong bodies built here 

Resistance training is by far the most effective way to burn fat, build muscle and improve overall health. Do you see the same people on the cardio machines at your gym all the time? Do you see their bodies changing? Most people lack the understanding of the science behind resistance training and body building and resort to what is comfortable over what is effective. I'll help you learn proper form and equipment use so that you can get over that gym anxiety and stop wasting your time going nowhere on the treadmill.

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We don't "diet" here

You have probably heard the saying, "You can't out-train a poor diet." This is 100% true, however, this means you need to establish a long-term, sustainable, enjoyable, approach to eating. You should never be "on a diet"; you should always have a healthy diet that allows you to never feel deprived and that supports your fitness goals. As a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, I can help you determine the correct balance of macros for you personally (it is different for everyone) and to help you with food prep, planning and healthy, sustainable habits. 

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Sari has been so helpful in beginning my fitness journey. As a beginner, she supports you by starting where you are and also encourages you to take some extra steps without judgment. She made me feel very comfortable and motivated me to challenge myself.

Jasmin M.

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