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15- Minute Swiss Ball Full Body Workout

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

If you haven’t used a Swiss Ball (sometimes called a Stability Ball) now would be a great time to order one. Many people who are stuck home during this self-quarantine period (and kudos to you if you are staying home to help #flattenthecurve to protect other, more vulnerable people) are starting to feel the effects of a more sedentary lifestyle.

Just sitting on a stability ball, instead of the couch, activates your muscles and engages your core, as your body reacts to an unstable environment. In my son’s third grade classroom, the students all sit on ball chairs throughout the day; what a great way to keep little minds and bodies engaged! Additionally, if you suffer from lower back pain, this is a great way to strengthen your lower back and abdominal muscles to alleviate that pain.

Here‘s a quick full-body workout to get your blood flowing and muscles activated and strengthened — of course you can extend it by performing more rounds or by adding additional Swiss Ball or body weight exercises. I am using a 25 lb plate as my weight here, but you could use a dumbbell, kettlebell, water bottle — whatever you have available.

Let me know in the comments if you complete the workout or if you have any questions!

Get Strong. Stay Healthy.

XOXO Sari 🦁


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