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Daily Nutrition Accountability, Advice & Inspo

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Welcome to the Nutrition Accountability Group!

The goal here is to motivate one another to make healthy choices every day so that we can reach our personal goals.

This is not about restrictive eating 🚫-- everyone's macros may be different-- some people may be trying to lose fat, others may be trying to gain muscle.

Research has shown that in order for us to truly remain accountable, we often need the support of others. External accountability means staying accountable to others. When you know someone else is checking in with you, supporting you, and eager to hear about your progress, you almost feel a sense of obligation to follow through for them.

Please Follow the following rules to make this group successful for everyone:

  1. Post at least one meal or snack daily; it can be written or a pic

  2. No Lurking: We want active group members only, who encourage everyone to be great! It is demoralizing to post without getting support back from your peers. Inactive members will be removed from the group.

  3. Be Honest! You should never be ashamed of what you have eaten. There is a place for every type of food in a healthy diet. If you aren't honest with yourself, you can't progress.

A great healthy lifestyle rule is the 80/20 rule, meaning that if you eat according to plan and exercise 80% of your days, you really can relax and indulge without sabotaging your goals the other 20% of the time.


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  • January 1, 2021


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