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Power-Builders Strength Training Program

This program combines the fundamentals of Powerlifting & Bodybuilding

  • 24 hr
  • 59 US dollars
  • TrainHeroic App

Service Description

Tired of going in the gym without the plan? Or trying to figure out your own workouts consistently, but not seeing growth in strength & power or getting the aesthetic results you desire? I design my programs according to the principles of mastering and repeating the fundamentals and growing in strength & power via progressive overload. You will not spend your precious time in the gym trying to learn a dozen trendy new "influencer" exercises each session; you will progress in essential compound movements (Squats, Presses, Deadlifts, Rows) and accessory movements. Your reps and weights may change week to week (dependent on your performance), and your movement programming will progress each month. The app provides video demos for each exercise and you can even share your own videos with me to get feedback on your form, or even just to share your victories. Each week provides two lower-body days (Glutes/Hams/Quads/Calves), two upper body days (Push/Pull), and a strength based Circuit Day. The TrainHeroic App allows us to monitor your progress together, adjust weights/reps & modify or swap out exercises as needed. You don't need to carry around a notebook anymore-- the app shows you your past reps/weights/prs for each exercise! There may be days when you can only complete the warm-up and the first set... or you want to reduce sets from 4 to 3 rounds... or you just aren't feeling Legs so you swap it on your calendar with Push Day (Chest/Shoulders)... or maybe you are an absolute beast and complete every workout in its entirety 5 days a week! You are in control, but also held accountable. Follow the Program on your own or join the Team to compete on Leaderboards, offer encouragement, tips & support. And either way, you'll get 1:1 support from me, your NASM certified Trainer and biggest cheerleader! $59/4 weeks 5 Workouts per week (20 workouts!) *This program requires access to a gym or well-equipped home gym with racks, barbells, dumbbells, trap bars, and cables or bands. Modifications can be made, but if you are concerned that you do not have access to the equipment necessary, let's chat before you purchase so I can confirm your set-up will work. Purchase must be made on the TrainHeroic Marketplace. Once you are in possession of a program, there is no refund for that month. Terms/Conditions/Liability Waiver Apply

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